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A Warm Welcome to Cisco Canada’s New Contributors

September 9, 2013

Today, I’m excited to announce some additions to our Cisco Canada Blog.

As a way to help you stay current on insights and thought leadership from Cisco Canada employees, executives, and technology experts, we are working to enhance our blogging presence. 

We’ve completed a thorough analysis of our internal teams to find new thought-leaders to add to our comprehensive blogging platform. Whether you are interested in end-to-end data center virtualization solutions or how mid-market businesses are moving to the cloud, we have an expert ready to share insights and best practices. As always, let us know in the comment section if you’d like to see a blog about a particular topic.

A warm welcome to our new bloggers:

Dave Zacks, Distinguished Systems Engineer
Ronnie Scott, Data Centre Technology Solutions Architect
David Jirku, Technical Solutions Architect
Joseph Bassaly, Solution Architect
John Crawford, Vertical Solution Architect
Marlon Harvey, Systems Engineer, Healthcare
Matt Gillies, Senior Customer Solutions Architect
Keith Tyndall, Technical Solutions Architect
Andres Martinez, Competitive Intelligence Manager
Jason Thorsby, Systems Engineering Manager
Victor Woo, Director, Internet of Everything

The addition of this new cadre of bloggers is just one of the many initiatives along Cisco Canada’s journey to becoming a ‘social business’ – more on that in the future.

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