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The benefits of collaboration to a growing mid-market business

October 24, 2012

We can all agree that collaboration is important to any thriving business.  Mid-market companies are a prime example of why collaboration is imperative.  As these companies continue to grow collaboration becomes essential since employees need to reach out to peers, customers and partners in real-time. We are all aware that when we are on a deadline, communication is vital to completing our tasks.  As mid-market companies continue to flourish, their communication tools need to be reassessed.

At Cisco, our employees are constantly working together, which makes the use of collaboration technologies an absolute necessity to every workday. This might include interacting with each other through our Jabber internal communication platform or sharing presentations via our enterprise social collaboration platform WebEx Social.

As companies continue to grow, employees, partners and customers are no longer stationed solely at their office.  They may be working from a hotel in another city, or even country.

Our collaboration technologies allow for access anywhere, anytime and of course, on any device. With collaboration applications such as Cisco WebEx meetings, Cisco Jabber, or WebEx Social, collaboration is made easy and secure.

These tools provide end-to-end communication seamlessly for your growing mid-market company.  As we move forward into the connected world, communication continues to be an imperative part of any growing business, especially mid-market companies here in Canada.

How can you help your employees communicate and share their ideas regardless of where they happen to be working? I recently took the time to answer that question in this exclusive video.


For more information regarding Cisco’s collaboration tools, please visit our website.

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  1. Could not agree more Ian. Transparent usage of the collaboration tools for end users is critical. Segmenting your user community is a important first step to ensure the right tools are provided to the right users. This will drive better adoption and thus improved ROI…