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Why BYOD is critical to your mid-market company

October 17, 2012

The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) phenomenon has dramatically changed the way many Canadian organizations do business, especially those in the mid-market sector.

With BYOD in place, mid-market companies and their employees can operate in the global market with ease. The result is the freedom to expand your organization’s mobile workforce, while addressing the competition for talent that is inevitable in our global economy.

The primary benefit BYOD offers is device flexibility for your employees; however, there are some apprehensions. That’s because the primary concern for the BYOD trend is security.

It has been argued that, “less than 10 per cent of organizations are fully aware of the devices accessing their network” (The Latest Infographics:  Mobile Business Statistics for 2012). We address your company’s concerns in our BYOD Smart Solution. Cisco BYOD Smart Solution provides an approach that supports a wide range of devices, helping you effectively manage and control how your employees access your corporate network.

BYOD is a critical area moving forward for all companies.  Employees need access to information anywhere, anytime and on any device.  Our BYOD solution allows companies to cross boundaries into the global market, which is particularly important for mid-market companies in Canada.

As we move forward into our connected economy, BYOD policies, security, and management become vital areas for all mid-market companies to focus on.  Cisco provides both the tools and technology to support your growing enterprise.

I recently sat down to discuss the benefits of BYOD and how mid-market businesses can take advantage of the movement.

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