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How to get hired by Cisco Canada right out of school

September 21, 2012

We have recently begun accepting applications to our Cisco Sales Associate Program (CSAP), which is a paid career development program aimed at recent grads as well as university and polytechnic students and entering their final year of undergraduate study. This year, we’re targeting students in the engineering and business/arts disciplines at both English and French speaking schools.

The program will offer students the chance to train on-the-job at one of the most innovative technology companies in the world, which includes the opportunity to work with Cisco executives and customers from around the world. This career development initiative is incredibly unique in the industry and will give graduates in today’s incredibly competitive job market a chance to find meaningful employment in engineering or sales.

Successful applicants focused on a career in software or engineering will become Associate Systems Engineers (ASEs) and work with veteran systems engineers on real customer challenges. They’ll be building technical designs and working on Cisco and other legacy IT infrastructure in the field.

UPDATE: Read the full transcript of our engineering TweetChat with Cisco CSAP alumni Simon Vaillancourt and Justin Chin-You, and CSAP Program Manager Marsha Connor here.

CSAP students looking to break into sales will become Associate Sales Representatives (ASRs) and will also work directly with customers looking to solve business challenges with Cisco technology.

Successful CSAP applicants will be working together with Cisco account managers and systems engineers on real customer issues. The program is extremely rewarding, but also very intense. But after a year of training, CSAP students are farther along in their career than most of their university peers.

We hear this time and time again from the many CSAP students we hire and we will share those stories on this blog and through our social media channels in the weeks ahead.

But before a student decides to apply, they may have some more questions to ask.

Building on last year’s successful TweetChat with current and former CSAP alumni working at Cisco, we decided to open up the conversation even further and provide engineering-focused students a few helpful tips and tricks to prepare them for their search for a tech-related job.

On Thursday, October 4th at 3:00 p.m. ET, the official Cisco Canada Twitter account will be hosting a TweetChat on how to score your dream engineering job. Students will be able to ask questions to Cisco executives and CSAP engineering alumni on how best to attract recruiters in the constantly changing high tech jobs market. If you missed the Chat, read the full transcript here.

This session is not to be missed! Please spread the word with any engineering societies or university faculty members you know to ensure we have a lively and informative conversation. You can do this easily by sharing our CSAP infographic directly with friends on our Facebook page.

And, of course, if you know any soon-to-be or recently graduating university students, please let them know about the CSAP program. Here is some more information on the program and how to apply!

The application deadline for this year’s program is Friday, October 12, 2012.

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