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Just when you thought you had a handle on 802.11n…

June 8, 2012

That is right, the 802.11ac wireless standard is coming! Although it won’t be available until 2013 you are probably asking yourself “should I invest in upgrading my wireless infrastructure today or wait?”

Well, no doubt you are like everyone else.  You are facing a bandwidth crunch due to the demands of increased Wi-Fi client density because of BYOD and the need to do something ‘today.’ But you also want to make sure that what you do today will protect your investment when the increased capacity and performance made possible by 802.11ac become a reality in the coming year. So what can you do?

In a previous post, I outlined how the Cisco Aironet 3600 Access Point can improve your mobility experience. Now I’d like to explain how you also get a future-proof investment that delivers industry-leading performance now — without sacrificing the ability to add the increased performance of 802.11ac later. 

Remember that modular slot we announced in the Aironet 3600? This is where the industry’s very first enterprise class 802.11ac solution fits in. Literally. When 802.11ac products are certified in early 2013, you can simply plug a Cisco 802.11ac radio module into the slot and immediately upgrade your access point to leverage the new standard.  The module will come in two flavours, one being the 802.11ac radio module for higher bandwidth and the other a security monitor module. The security monitor module is a dedicated receiver radio that can be used for CleanAir, Rogue AP detection and other security monitoring features. Both will be available in the first quarter of calendar year 2013.

The bottom line is that you can get leading performance today, while future-proofing your investment for tomorrow. In other words, there’s no longer a need to compromise. You can act now and lay the groundwork for tomorrow.

To learn more about 802.11ac view the TechWise TV 802.11ac Fundamentals video, attend our session at Cisco Live US on June 13 and watch for upcoming 802.11ac Webinars.

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  1. Nice to see some forward thinking like this. Something for us to think about now