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How Bank of Montreal is demonstrating true transformation in Canadian banking

May 3, 2012

It’s always a great pleasure for me to report true customer transformation, particularly when a ‘big five’ Canadian bank goes public about a successful innovation to their client experience.

Operational for over a year now, Bank of Montreal (BMO) leads a fresh and exciting approach to serving existing customers, and to winning new ones, in their retail banking branches, Wealth Management offices and Private Banking suites around the world.

The concept is pretty simple: bring subject-matter experts or product specialist advice to valued clients via high-definition Cisco TelePresence technology from BMO centres of expertise (Head Office, Regional offices, Contact Centres or other BMO branches and offices). The client and market impacts have already proven dramatic!

This short video is BMO’s story — of how they worked with Cisco to develop an idea, pilot it, and then roll it out to over 100 sites. Not as a technology, but as a “market-facing” business innovation, and a very integral part of their customer-focused strategy. Here BMO executives share their approach, the impact, challenges and lessons learned.

All of us at Cisco are truly appreciative of the opportunity to work with BMO on their exciting project, very proud of their early results and also grateful for their willingness to allow me to share it with you now.

Transformation anyone?

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