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How Cisco is extending the reach of TelePresence

March 27, 2012

Our announcements at Enterprise Connect this week in Orlando are focused on extending the reach and collaboration benefits of our TelePresence solutions.

Now collaboration is not a particular technology solution, but rather a human process through which multiple people with common interests work together toward a common goal.  In the past, collaborative tools were focused on enriching the collaboration experience between members of the same organization, but largely forgot about the need to collaborate beyond the walls of your organization.

This need to improve collaboration between organizations and their business partners and customers has been triggered by the explosion of devices, and operating systems, available to business users and consumers.

The solution to this problem is found in our announcement today that Cisco Jabber is available across mobile platforms. Cisco Jabber is a new collaboration client framework, which intends to bring a consistent user experience to ALL users, both inside and outside an organization’s firewall, and regardless of if they are an employee, customer or business partners.  The Cisco Jabber client brings voice, video, instant messaging, presence, desktop sharing, conferencing, and visual voicemail with a common user experience to a wide variety of devices and operating systems.  While today’s announcement is focused on two new additions to the family of products (iPad and Windows), these add to an already-existing suite of Jabber clients for a variety of other devices and operating systems. 

Jabber is fully interoperable with Cisco on-premise immersive and room-based TelePresence systems, and interoperable through Cisco infrastructure solutions with all other standards-based video conferencing endpoints. Connected through cloud-based SIP video conferencing services like Cisco Callway, organizations can begin to extend the reach of their TelePresence investment to a Jabber client user anywhere in the world.

The other way we are extending the reach of TelePresence is by providing a product which meets the needs of Canadian business’ collaborative work environments. Today we introduced the “high-intensity” collaboration capabilities of the new TX9000 immersive TelePresence system, the newest member of our TelePresence product portfolio. New capabilities of the TX9000 include sharing content on the main screens, point and highlight, whiteboarding, moving content from screen to screen, and sharing data from multiple content sources.

By increasing the ways in which businesses can use TelePresence, and by increasing the reach through connectivity to the Jabber client running on a wide variety of devices, the barriers to effective collaboration are drastically reduced between any group of users located anywhere in the world.

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