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How the right partner can help transform your business

March 12, 2012

By Denis Dumouchel, President, CBCI Telecom

What does it take to successfully transform the way we do business to remain competitive in this global economy? It takes the perfect union of a model client, an experienced partner and state-of the art technology. This combination is bringing companies to the next level of competitive leadership in their respective industries.  With access to cloud computing, companies no longer need to be experts in their overall company’s IT operations. They can now relinquish some of their IT needs to partners with the expertise to manage and deliver advanced services, giving customers the opportunity to focus on their core strengths.

I had the opportunity to present a customer transformation story of one such union at Cisco’s Collaboration Summit last November. A security firm was looking for the right partner that could help them overcome their current challenges rapidly, and propose the right technology for their needs. By turning to an experienced partner (us), they had access to expertise that would have been long and tedious to hire or train in-house. The company wanted to completely outfit an Executive Briefing Centre (EBC) with Cisco TelePresence, making it easy to demonstrate their solutions to customers without requiring them to travel to its office. This TelePresence demonstration room would allow potential clients to experience their portfolio of identity-based security software and services from kilometres away as if they were onsite.

We proposed a Cisco TelePresence Codec with multiple Cisco TelePresence PrecisionHD Cameras installed into a fully integrated audio-visual solution. The demonstration room also housed various audiovisual equipment: a centre panel which allowed the room’s environmental controls to be managed by an iPad, multiple LED and  LCD screens, a TelePresence credenza,  switching gear, SMART Interactive panel, wireless microphones and a document camera. The Executive Briefing Centre deployment was a huge success. The EBC, as well as additional installations abroad, were up and running rapidly and the customer saw near-immediate results: new revenue-generating opportunities appeared, sales cycles shortened and they had a technology partner they could rely on.

If you want to read more on this transformational story, download it from our website.

Working with a partner is effortless when business leaders understand the technological advantages of a solution and the competitive edge it can give them. No one company can be a leader by themselves. They need an ecosystem of partners that provide the IT services required for daily operations. Specifically in the high-tech and videoconferencing industries, systems are constantly evolving and it can be difficult for customers to keep abreast of the new equipment, solutions, training requirements and complex deployments. And this is where your partner can be invaluable.

Let me close by saying that videoconferencing is about an end-to-end collaboration model that transforms the way we work every day. It is not a siloed project or installation. Be sure to look for a Cisco TelePresence Video ATP Master partner, which can deliver the expertise and the technology required to help companies transform their business, and their communications, through video.

Experience with professional services and video managed services, combined with audiovisual knowledge and pedigree as a Cisco TelePresence partner, are at the core in delivering these holistic solutions. That’s the approach we take, and we hope that the partner you choose during your video deployment sees this the same way.

Denis Dumouchel is the President of CBCI Telecom, overseeing the company’s operations and sales team. He places great importance on employee involvement at all levels in delivering customer satisfaction, and graduated with honours from McGill University’s Executive Institute.

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