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Cisco Canada Hiring Next-Generation of Engineering Talent

January 20, 2012

In case you’ve missed it, we’ve prominently displayed this week the engineering “help-wanted” sign throughout Ontario and across Canada.

Over the next number of weeks and months, our recruiters and technical experts will be on site at various university campuses across Ontario, speaking with new and soon-to-be graduating software and electrical engineers. Our folks will be discussing the many opportunities we have in Canada and throughout the world. These are amazing jobs!

Here’s a video message, that’s currently posted on Cisco Canada’s YouTube Channel, which I created for these sessions.

To add extra “oomph” to our recruitment push, Cisco in Toronto hosted on January 19th a visit by Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, whose government has been a great partner in our efforts to bring on board to Cisco talented engineers for our current and future research and development initiatives. Mr. McGuinty did a great job in supporting the drive for new jobs in Ontario, as reported by 1310News and

We’ve already, since October, hired 16 new engineers in Ontario. Most are working for teams that are developing the fastest internet router – the CRS3 – and creating next generation IP video solutions.  Our objective is to have 110 new-graduate engineers at our research locations in Ontario by the end of this calendar year. And over the next five years, we want to add at least 300 research and development-focused jobs to our operations in both Ottawa and Toronto.

August 17th was an exciting and important day for Cisco Canada as we signed with the Province of Ontario a memorandum of understanding that pledged a long-term investment of expertise and technology. The Province committed $25 million in investment to support Ontario’s leadership for the development of leading-edge communications technologies.  Cisco, in turn, outlined an investment target of $455 million over five years to support research and development in next-generation technologies, including network infrastructure, collaboration, data centre and video.

We’re moving aggressively. Canada is vitally important to Cisco. As a business, we rank as our company’s third-largest country operation, in terms of revenue and bookings. We are an amazing success story and a leading Canadian employer. And from the perspective of cutting-edge research and innovation, I personally think there’s no better place in the world than Canada when it comes to outstanding talent, and creative people.

Canadians have a proud history of accomplishments that have changed the world in so many great ways. Through our efforts to create fabulous employment opportunities for young engineers, Cisco plans to carry that on that tremendous legacy and take it to ever greater heights.

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  1. Hello. I am an Electrical/Computer Engineer specializing in the embedded systems/networking areas, and am very interested in one of these positions. Is there a particular individual I can contact for direct consideration of my resume at Cisco?

    You have my email address on this comment page and I look forward to your reply.

    • nitinkawale

      Hi Mark,

      Cisco Canada job opportunities are managed, in part, by the manager hiring for that role. So unfortunately, we can’t direct you to a specific individual.

      All available roles are posted here: Please feel free to apply for any relevant role and the individual responsible will contact you should you meet the hiring criteria.

  2. Prospective employees will want to read “Fuse” in which Ayelet Baron, VP Strategy @CiscoCanada provides a bonus chapter. FUSE is a guide to building a team that’s electrified by cogenerational collaboration.