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Join Me at the Toronto Board of Trade Lunch on December 13

December 9, 2011

The old world of nine-to-five workdays has come and gone. Workplaces today are rapidly transforming. The entire nature of work has dramatically changed and will continue to change. I’ll be speaking about these topics and much more during a keynote presentation at the Toronto Board of Trade during an upcoming lunch discussion on Tuesday, December 13.

The need for Canadian businesses, especially those that are small and mid-sized, to empower employees to be more productive and innovative is absolutely critical to both business success and Canada’s future standard of living. I’ll delve into the details and offer up thoughts on: How future generations of employees need and want to work, and how they can be empowered, through collaboration, to be innovative and productive.

Hoping you can attend and definitely interested in hearing your thoughts on these topics. Here’s some additional information.

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