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A Bromance for the Ages: When IT met OT

February 7, 2017

Jordan and Pippen. DeMar and Kyle. Magic and Kareem. The Great One and The Moose. Edwin and Jose (…too soon?)

Sports history is filled with dynamic duos. Players who so perfectly complemented each other in skills and personality that they elevated their entire team to greatness. A business is no different. For every Jobs, there is a Wozniak. For every Ben, a Jerry.


To this pantheon of duo-ed greatness we now add Chad from IT (Information Technology) and Stan from OT (Operational Technology). This is their story.

Traditionally, Chad and Stan maintained separate networks within an industrial environment. Chad owned the organization’s technology network and all associated connected devices – computers, phones, video endpoints and so on.  Stan owned the hardware and software that monitored and controlled physical devices such as valves or pumps.

Chad worked in the office. Stan worked in industrial environments. Chad focused on network security.  Stan focused on plant productivity.

But that was before the Industrial Internet of Things. Now IT and OT networks are converging, creating new opportunities and driving digital transformation across the manufacturing industry. However, with convergence comes confusion, and some organizations don’t yet see the value in bringing together IT and OT leadership.

To those I say: don’t deny yourself this bromance for the ages. Bringing together IT and OT will transform your business. Don’t believe me? You will after watching this video.

Your production line will be more efficient, and offline less.

Your network – even on the plant floor – will be more secure.


IT will enable OT to do more, with less. Make this the year you begin your journey on the Industrial Internet of Things. We can help.

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