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Building the Customer Experience Connection

September 14, 2016

It is said you’re only as strong as your weakest link. Wise words. Yet in today’s world, although you may very well be LinkedIn, it’s connections that matter. Connecting one thing to another is programmed into us from early on. As children we sat playing Connect Four and Connect the Dots (those were the days!). But it’s not all child’s play. We make amazing things happen by connecting the unconnected.

A world of connections

We live in a time of seemingly endless connections between people, places, data and technology. Our digital world connects more devices than ever before. Everything. Everywhere. By 2020, there will be 5.5 billion mobile users, representing 70 percent of the global population. In this modern landscape of hyper-connectivity, we’re arguably only as strong as our weakest connection.

When it comes to Customer Experience (CX), making a connection is just a little bit important too. In my previous blog, we explored the crucial value of a digital-first CX. Equally, creating strong, valuable and relevant connections with our customers is vital. In fact, getting the emotional connection with our customers right can determine a brand’s success. Perhaps survival.

Being Human

“I just want to talk to a real person!”. We can all relate. I was screaming it inside just the other day when I contacted my bank. Minutes of my life were being irrevocably lost ‘on hold’. I was literally left without a human connection. In exasperation, I hung up. My emotional response, you might say. Neuroscience tells us that as humans, we crave a connection at our core. Now brand leaders might not be scientists. But they know building an emotional connection is at the heart of CX excellence.

Creating that core emotional connection relies on consistent levels of customer service. Not based on CX clichés, but supporting the customer journey from end-to-end. Informing, engaging and delighting the customer at the centre of everything we do.

Bridging the gap

In CX circles, we more than understand needing a positive experience for our customers in every interaction they have with us. We know why. But how do we make that emotional connection? It’s about building the essential bridge between you and your customers through differentiated and personalised experiences. Adding value to them.

Think of a bridge. Any bridge. (Easier than the average Only Connect question, believe me!). The Tyne? Clifton Suspension? London or Tower Bridges? Even the one where children play Poohsticks in your local park. Now think about the construction. One Isambard Kingdom Brunel himself might be proud of.

A true feat of engineering – and symbol of connection: the bridge!

A true feat of engineering – and symbol of connection: the bridge!











Any bridge has 3 main elements:

  1. Foundations to anchor
  2. A structure to support
  3. A deck to carry the load

The same principles apply to the design of all robust infrastructure. Cisco holds a unique position within our customers’ infrastructure. That is why we are working with KPMG Nunwood using their Customer Experience Measurement Framework. We’re designing solutions that draw out the right data and information at the right time in the customer’s experience. Allowing you to build that all-important emotional connection, creating loyalty and advocacy along the way.

Delivering customer experience excellence is the focus of our white paper ‘Building a Bridge’. Download now to discover how technology can build an experience framework focussed centrally on and around your customers.

What brands do you love to love…or love to loathe?! Let us know your experiences below. Sharing is customer caring!

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