Cisco UK & Ireland Blog

Rachel Henley

Enterprise Networks UK Content Storyteller

Hi, I am the UK enterprise networks content marketing SME. My role is to bring our tech and its business benefits to life in an engaging and interesting way.

I'm not an out and out techie, but I am passionate about tech. I've worked for IT and Telco's most of my career (not telling how long!). What's kept me in the industry is my genuine curiosity. Which is why you'll find me sitting in on our TechHuddles to get a deeper understanding of the topics I'm curating and creating content about. So I can do the best job possible of making it easy to understand what we do and what we offer to you our customers.

Outside work I surprisingly find myself now a marathon runner. I've run two in fact. And I counterbalance that with a love of baking (more running = more cake!). Other times I am busy with my teenage girls (when they aren't glued to YouTube).