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Cisco Live Milan 2015 : J-5 avant une grande semaine ou la Collaboration sera à l’honneur

21 January 2015


Cisco Live est en pleine préparation…

Nous serons prêts à vous accueillir dés l’undi prochain pour les sessions techniques, avant de démarrer l’évènement principal mardi…

La Collaboration et les communications seront à l’honneur avec notamment :

– An Introduction to Project Squared par Miro Polakovic, Technical Engineer & Louis Pratt, Technical Engineer

Join us for a demonstration of the Project Squared app, a place where teams can post messages, share content, and meet face to face in an open space accessible from nearly any device, anywhere in the world. It’s like a virtual conference room, created for all your teams with everything everyone needs to do their best work, together. Learn about this new collaboration experience built for modern work styles and high performing teams, and how it extends to and even enhances complementary collaboration services we depend on. Download it to your mobile device and have an expert be on hand to walk through the features and design.

– Plan Your Video Implementation Using Project Workplace par Kristin Sandven Huuse, Product Marketing Engineer

Walk through a variety of room designs and choose the room type that best fits your videoconferencing needs. Project Workplace provides the necessary steps and blueprints that show you how to set up optimal meeting room environments using the recently announced video portfolio. Join for a full demonstration and a brief discussion

– The Collaboration Meeting Room Experience par Angela Murphy, Solutions Product Marketing Manager

Collaboration Meeting Rooms (CMR) bring together Cisco videoconferencing infrastructure and proven, scalable, WebEx cloud conferencing services to deliver an integrated meeting experience. With CMR technology, you can host video-optimized meetings, which are available to participants anywhere, on any device. The discussion will highlight a demonstration of CMR along with a brief discussion of the technology.

  • La Keynote de Rowan Trollope (SVP/GM Collaboration Technology Group) Welcome to / Mercredi 28 Janvier à 9h.

Last year, the push was to make Collaboration simple. And we did that. Now it’s about what’s next… bringing collaboration to everyone, on any device to match how our work styles are changing. Collaboration is no longer just for the corner office or executives – it belongs on every desk and in every pocket. Come hear Rowan Trollope talk about what’s next in collaboration in this engaging session.

– Tuesday, 27Jan 13:00 – 14:00: Cisco Collaboration Apps Roadmap (Jabber, WebEx, and Project Squared)
– Wednesday, 28Jan 13:15 – 14:15: Cisco Collaboration Endpoints Roadmap (IP Phones and DX Series)
– Thursday, 29Jan 13:15 – 14:15: Cisco Prime Collaboration Roadmap

  • Cisco Live 2014 in the DevNet Zonede nombreux experts ou responsables de BU avec lesquels s’entretenir en cliquant ici,
  • Un espace DevNet ou vous pourrez vous informer, vous former sur nos API et SDK mais aussi discuter avec nos spécialistes présents,
  • de nombreuses démonstrations sur lesquelles j’aurai l’occasion de revenir plus en détails durant l’évènement mais dont vous pouvez trouver un avant-goût ici :
    • Salles de réunions : le tout nouvel IX5000, les séries MX & SX, l’outil Project Workplace ainsi que le service Cloud Conferencing : Cloud CMR
    • La collaboration mobile : Project Squared, WebEx, Jabber, Home Office avec la série DX,
    • les derniers terminaux téléphoniques : notamment la série 88xx et la série DX
    • L’infrastructure avec le Conferencing, Packaged Collaboration, Collaboration Edge, Prime Collaboration
    • Les services de relation client : Remote Expert, Contact Center, …
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