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Brad Bechtold

National Director Energy Transformation
Oil and Gas, Mining Transformation - Canada

As Director of Cisco Canada's Oil and Gas vertical business, Brad Bechtold is responsible for developing and leading Cisco's go to market strategy for Energy. In this role, Brad is working with industry partners, education institutions, and Oil and Gas organizations to align Cisco's technology solutions to the critical challenges facing the industry today.

With more then 25 years in Oil and Gas, Brad brings industry-relevant knowledge to Cisco Canada's Industry Transformation Team. Brad currently sits on several technology boards and is a member of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers.

Prior to joining Cisco, Brad spent 18 years with Halliburton, a global leader in the energy services sector. During his tenure with Halliburton, Brad spent past 13 years in a global capacity. As Director for Halliburton's GeoGraphix product line, Brad was responsible for Global Operations, R&D, Sales and Marketing. Brad spent 4 years as Director for Mergers and Acquisitions for the Landmark Graphics Business Unit, resulting is several strategic acquisitions.

Brad brings more then two decades of management and leadership in the Oil and Gas industry including Regional General Manager for Halliburton's Landmark Graphics business unit.

Brad Bechtold resides In Calgary Alberta and holds a Diploma in Business Management for the SAIT.