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Cisco Start-up Hub: Tom Talks To… Benjamin Kott, Energy Deck

November 16, 2016

benjamin-kott-energydeckEvery industry has its own jargon, and the world of start-ups is no different.

Between accelerators, incubators and post-accelerators (like IDEALondon) it can be difficult to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into – and what the benefits of each might be.

Who better to ask than a recent IDEALondon alumnus?

Benjamin Kott is founder and CEO of EnergyDeck, and spent two years growing his company at IDEALondon.

Gust and Fundacity’s 2015 accelerator report recorded  worldwide investments of $191,999,757 in 8,836 start-ups by 387 accelerators. The UK, according to a recent Telefonica report, boasts more start-up programmes than any other country in Europe.

Clearly there is a case to be made for support programmes within the start-up ecosystem, and entrepreneurs and investors alike agree.

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