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IPv6 maintenant supporté sur ACE30 !

21 September 2011

La release pour ACE30 (module de load-balacing pour catalyst6500) et ACE4710 (coffret de load-balacing autonome) qui apporte le support d’IPv6 est sortie!

Résumé des fonctionnalités:

  • IPv6 and IPv4 Dual Stack support
  • IPv6 addressing: link-local, global unicast, and unique local addresses
  • Neighbor discovery (NS, NA, RS, RA), duplicate address detection (DAD) and ICMPv6.
  • Support for DHCPv6 Relay agent.
  • IPv6 ACL and object-group
  • IPv6 Probes
  • Nat support extended from IPv4-IPv4 to IPv6-IPv6, IPv6-IPv4, IPv4-IPv6, IPv4-IPv4
  • L7 LB support extended for IPv6 flows based on HTTP, HTTPS and DNS traffic flows.
  • IP sticky and Predictor hash address support extended for IPv6
  • IPv6 support for TCP/IP Normalization, fragmentation/reassembly, switch-mode, server-conn reuse, compression, switch-mode
  • IPv6 connections replication support and IPv6 host/interface tracking
  • Inspection support for IPv6: HTTP, ICMPv6 and DNSv6
  • DM Support for IPv6 and SSL OCSP
  • DM support for Homepage, guided setup and network monitoring enhancement
  • SSL Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP)
  • IPv6 support extended for CRL and OCSP

Les releases notes :

Les fonctions IPv6 “de base” sont dispos sans cout supplémentaire, il y a cependant une licence à 5k$ pour la translation 6-to-4.

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