Cisco France Blog

Mark Malyon

Business Development Manager

Of English nationality Mark has lived and worked in France for over 25 years. In that time he’s seen the telecom industry evolve from a world without the Internet to the connected life we all lead today. To quote the early slogan of Cisco, the way that we “Work, Live, Play and Learn” has really changed. After a brief spell as a professional musician, Mark worked in IT for several years before converting to telecommunications. He worked on early data communications networks based on X25 and the subsequent evolutions to Frame Relay, ATM and finally to IP. Mark was then involved in early work on multi-media communications (IMS) integrating fixed telephony, mobile and PC. Work on Content Delivery Networks and Mobile networks followed. More recently, Mark has returned to his IT roots working in the area of Cloud Computing. He is also involved in various Internet of Everything projects. When not working, Mark enjoys family life, cooking and Rugby