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You wouldn’t blindfold your pilot, so why try managing your network security with your eyes shut?

- June 15, 2017 11:34 am

Ever thought of flying a plane with a blindfold? Even the craziest adrenaline junkies would stop short of that one.  It’s just nuts.  You can’t see the controls, you can’t see the route, or the potential hazards.

What about your network security? The analogy may sound extreme, but it’s not far off the mark.

All too often we’re floundering in the dark when it comes to network security.  If you can’t see what’s going on, how can you make the best decisions, avoid hazards and keep on course?

Are you flying blind, stuck in the fog, or can you get a clear view? 

Let’s be honest, even if you can get visibility, often trying to look at the data is like trying to navigate through a pea-souper of a fog, in a snowstorm (if that’s a thing).  And by the time you’ve found a chink of light, the mountain might be right in front of you.

So sometimes it just seems easier to keep building the protective barriers bigger, stronger and higher and hope they keep the network safe.

But as any good pilot knows the safety mechanisms should just be for emergencies. You can’t treat flying a plane like it’s a bumper car.

In part two of our New Frontiers series Michael Stevens finds out how to take the blindfold off, and get control of network security with 20:20 vision.

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