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Why work is something you do, not a place you go – mobility in a modern world

February 27, 2015

Mobility is more important than ever to businesses, but just how do businesses develop an all-encompassing mobile strategy? Ensuring the right technology in place is all well and good, but as a first port of call it’s important to understand the different drivers and motivations behind the way we use mobile technology as users.

A new Cisco-supported research project has identified four unique mobility personas – offering firm proof that one size does not fit all when it comes to enterprise mobility.  Earlier this month my colleague David Goff introduced the four personas the research identifies:

Producer Player Juggler Serialist

Now let’s explore some of the key findings, and the food for thought they might offer for your organisation’s mobility strategy. There were a number of findings that caught my attention, including:

  • 41% of managers were ‘producers’, compared to just 20% of employees. This could highlight that while there is a tendency to work longer hours as a career progresses, it’s using this time wisely and getting the balance right that leads to success for those on the management ladder.
  • 37% of all Gen X women are ‘jugglers’ – this perhaps illustrates that while family commitments can impact career progression, having the right attitude towards mobility helps people manage both successfully.
  • 67% of all ‘players’ are under the age of 30, but all but disappear after the age of 40 – this indicates that that our mobility drivers are ever-evolve and tend to shift as we progress through our lives and careers.

As you read through the research, you will no doubt be drawn towards one or more personas. As for me, I think I am a combination of the ‘player’ and the ‘producer’. As a producer I work anywhere and everywhere I can to get the most out of my day, irrespective of location. On a player level, I love my mobile devices as they help me connect to the things that are most important to me – whether business or personal.

Which persona fits with you?  What about your manager or your team?

Why do I ask? Well, our behaviour is often shaped by those around us, so knowing the persona of key team members may well shed light on the persona you might be at different times of the day, or when you’re working with certain people. You may even be a mix of two like me!

On a serious note, one of the aspects of mobility that really resonates with me is the notion that “work is something you do, not a place you go”.  This is never more true than today, where we are all juggling busy lives in an ever-connected world. Organisations that take the time to build mobility into their core strategy will attract and retain the best talent in today’s competitive landscape.

Sure, doing this will reap benefits in terms of productivity, but equally important is the happiness and morale of the workforce, which depends on their ability to achieve and maintain work life balance.

Let us know what you think after reading the research – I look forward to hearing if there are any other “player producers” out there!

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