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QUIZ: What era is your office?

November 13, 2017

Quiz klaxon! Here’s a Starter for 10: where do you spend as much time as you do at your very own home? And sadly, the answer probably isn’t the beach. I’ll give you a clue: where do you work? Yes, the answer for many of you could well be… The Office. Not the Ricky Gervais version, obviously (hopefully!). Yes, like it or not, the good old office really can be a home away from home.

On one hand, it could be a sleekly-designed vision of the future, the envy of many… On the other hand though, things could be a bit more like a never-ending Throwback Thursday. Without the hashtag.

It begs the next question – what era is my office from then? Well, we’ve come up a totally scientific way of measuring it…

That’s right, no need to ask your office or facilities manager about when the place was constructed. And certainly no need to check how long that ageing piece of kit has been in circulation.

“How do I do this?!” I hear you scream, as you seek to answer this age-old question.

It’s super simple. Just click on the image below and have a crack at our two-minute quiz to find out:Cisco what era is your office click gif


We’d love to hear what year you’re office is living in! Don’t forget to share your results on social with us – be sure to tag @CiscoUKI and @CiscoCollab! #growatpace 

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