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How Will You Deliver Your Digital Strategy for Connected Health and Care?

February 19, 2016

Healthcare is one of the few industries that seem to touch everyone. At some point in our lives we are all dependent on the system, and it’s in all our interests that it works in the most effective possible way.

The time is right to examine digital approaches that offer tighter alignment between the business and technology domains – where technology is embedded in the process of business planning. Adopting such an approach can lead to a platform that supports operational excellence, service delivery and effective partnering.

In a world that is moving from the delivery of healthcare to integrated ‘health and care’, geographical and organisational boundaries are being challenged. In addition, collaboration will become more critical, between Providers, Commissioners and others such as social care, the third sector and the public themselves. All the time, the backdrop of cost pressures and subsequent need for efficiencies remains a constant challenge.

For health and care organisations, these headline imperatives are demanding a range of digital capabilities. This Health Services Journal article demonstrates the power of digital technology when applied to a business setting. But it is just one use case, and the potential for re-use of the underlying platform for a range of other business and clinical needs should be readily apparent.


Developing a re-usable platform dictates the need for a programmatic style of investment in technology. As NHS organisations lead on the development of Local Digital Roadmaps for health and care in their communities, we at Cisco have released the third generation of our blueprint that discusses business requirements, capability mapping and digital solutions. And most topically, it offers advice on an architectural approach to the development of digital strategy.

Please download ‘Digital Strategy for Connected Health and Care’ to help inform your organisation’s digital vision.

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