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One Company, Many Careers – Learn about Ania’s journey to fulfilling her career goal of working in the Critical Accounts Team

1 August 2023

Over the years, Cisco has practised #internalmobility promotion, encouraging employees to move and develop within the company. Cisco is all about retaining and supporting top talent to pursue their passion. Under the motto #OneCompanyManyCareers, we will be sharing the success stories of our employees throughout the whole year!

This week’s story is about Anna Barszcz,  Critical Accounts Manager in Cisco Poland.


Tell us what has been your career journey at Cisco so far ?

It’s been quite a journey – I began my career in Advanced Services, then moved on to Sales, and now I’m back in Customer Experience (CX).

I began my career in Advanced Services as an individual contributor before being promoted to manager of the team I was a part of. After about two years, I transitioned from CX operations to a new organization where I worked on Transformation Office activities.

When my manager moved on to another role, I began looking for new opportunities, and then Sales found me.  I started working on strategy, planning, and market access. But I had always wanted to join the Critical Accounts Program Team, and they had an opening at the same time I joined the Sales team. I decided not to apply because I didn’t want to fail my new boss, but when the next opportunity arose and I made sure I did all I was asked for in my role, I applied as soon as the position became available, and I intend to stay until I retire.


What or Who inspired you for the change?

The Sales senior executive’s first visit to Krakow a few years ago was a watershed moment for me. There were about 12 people in the room, and it was a very casual conversation. One of the participants inquired as to how the executive achieved such success in her career. She stated that she had always trusted her leaders’ decisions regarding her career. So, I followed her advice, and I never made a mistake on that one.

I was fortunate to have excellent leaders, mentors and friends who guided me in the right direction, and I’m thankful to every one of them. One of my managers inspired my first move; she was so inspiring and amazing, and I learned a lot from her. I wished I could be half as good as she was as a manager if I ever had a chance.



What was your biggest learning through the transition?

I’d always wanted to work in Critical Accounts, and I knew that the more experience I gained at Cisco, the better my chances of getting there.

In addition, after four years of working in the staffing industry, first as an individual contributor and then as a manager, I felt like I knew the processes by heart. It was also a period when the team was stable, and I felt comfortable moving around. In some ways, my manager inspired this move because I chose to follow her rather than the position. I wanted to learn from her but also to learn more about the organization.

For me, it was always about learning. This was my primary reason for changing jobs. I would never apply for a job that I know because there is no room for development, and this is not sustainable for the team. I enjoy both the early stages of each job and the learning process along the way. I love the adrenaline rush that comes with learning new things and making new connections.

I also believe that everyone in Cisco has a chance if they don’t burn bridges and try to stay connected. It was frequently the case for me that the opportunity found me or was passed to me thanks to the people who cared about me and my career.

Cisco is a massive corporation, and I’ve always been curious about how it works. Working in various parts of the organization, I believe, has helped me understand various points of view.


What advice would you give to those who are thinking about a change but are still hesitant? 

If you apply for the role, you’ll at least find out why you didn’t get it, but if you don’t, you’ll be sorry for not trying. You can only win if you apply and go through the recruitment process. You will understand what you need to learn even if you are not offered the new job.

Don’t burn bridges, trust your leaders and your mentors. If they notice your good work, they will be the ones advocating for you, even if you are not aware of it.



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  1. It is fantastic to have Anna as part of the CAP organization. She is really smart, capable, enthusiastic, a great collaborator, and focused upon doing whatever it takes for our customers and colleagues. I am lucky to have her as part of the team.
    #wearecisco #CAP