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One Company, Many Careers – Frank’s story of relocating from the Dominican Republic to Poland

16 June 2023


Over the years, Cisco has practised #internalmobility promotion, encouraging employees to move and develop within the company. Cisco is all about retaining and supporting top talent to pursue their passion. Under the motto #OneCompanyManyCareers, we will be sharing the success stories of our employees throughout the whole year!

This week’s story is about Frankelly De Leon, CX Customer Success Specialist in Cisco Poland. 


Tell us what has been your career journey at Cisco so far ?

In 2019, I joined Cisco as a Technical Consulting Engineer. My role involved working with various technology solutions and tools. Although I had prior experience from my previous jobs, I soon realized that it wasn’t the same when it came to understanding the technology in detail. In my line of work, I had to troubleshoot and understand complex systems, which required more in-depth knowledge. It was crucial to meet my customers’ expectations by providing them with effective solutions. So when I first joined, my main goal was to challenge myself and expand my knowledge, particularly in Cisco technologies.

Later, I transitioned into a Customer Success Specialist role which, while less technical, also requires broad knowledge of our products from a comprehensive solution perspective. In this role you need to understand what value our technology brings to our customers and partners, while working closely with various Cisco departments like Sales, Accounting, Business Unit, Customer Delivery and other stakeholders. This shift has been a positive change for me, as it required a different approach , focusing more on the business side of things by creating my own mark and being a go-to person and consultant to our customers.



What or Who inspired you for the change?

Exploring beyond my boundaries and discovering opportunities has always been my motivation. Working for a large global corporation like Cisco has been my dream, which led me to shadow individuals in different areas like Professional Services, Cisco Managed Services, and Customer Success when I decided to change my role. By doing so, I gained clarity on which role would best align with my personality. I believe it’s crucial to find a role that aligns with your personality in any company, so you can truly make the most out of it. I started asking my friends in Customer Success about their daily routines, tasks, and responsibilities and was fascinated by what they shared. It was something I’ve never experienced before, so I decided to give it a shot.


What was your biggest learning through the transition?

Transitioning from a highly technical role to a more business-oriented one has granted me a wealth of knowledge. Adapting to new ways of thinking, expectations, and operations is a process that requires a change in mindset and patience. It takes time to adapt to the different teams, responsibilities, and project requirements, where being helpful and responsive is essential.

I have been enjoying my journey so far as there has been a noticeable change not only in my role but also in the culture. Coming from the Dominican Republic, I have realized that there are different approaches to the cultural mentality in places like Poland or Europe overall. It has been a great opportunity to meet people from diverse cultures. I felt that it was the right time for me to move forward as I had reached a point where I was no longer growing or challenging myself to develop further. In my home country, I had reached the top level and thought I knew everything. Therefore, I decided it was time to move on and not stay there forever.

I also enjoy taking on additional responsibilities beyond my normal role. For example, I have conducted technology sessions for internal staff at Cisco, participated in interviews and assessment centres for new employees, and actively engaged with Cisco Incubator or New Horizon programmes for people new to technology, changing careers or wanting to learn about technology.

Helping people, particularly those just starting out in their profession, is incredibly important. I’ve been there myself and know how much it means to have someone in your corner.


What advice would you give to those who are thinking about a change but are still hesitant?

Before considering a move to a new role, it’s important to evaluate the potential growth opportunities within your current position. Take the time to understand the scope of your role and what you can achieve. And, once again, consider whether your personality is appropriate for the role you are playing in the company.

Then reflect on whether you see yourself in a different role and what type of work you would enjoy. Seek advice from colleagues and investigate potential career paths.

Because time is something that never comes back after you consume it.

Money can’t buy it, so it’s essential to make every move count towards achieving your goals. Each step you take builds on the one before it, creating a ladder to success.


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  1. Frankelly, my man, congratulation! You rock!

  2. Loved the advise!
    Truer words have never been spoken.

    Congrats Frankelly for the successful career you've built!