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Megha Pathak

Consulting Engineer
Customer Experience

Megha Pathak is a highly optimistic soul, who likes to believe that the grass is green on her side of the fence. A proud mother, working 8+ years in Banking Industry, Megha challenged the Status quo. She decided to give a fresh start to her career and joined Cisco as a Network Consulting Engineer. An Engineer by profession and a chef by heart, Megha considers cooking her biggest passion and stress buster. An avid traveler, she recently developed a hobby to mix travel with food. While exploring new places, she loves to try and learn the recipe of local cuisines, and customize them with an Indian touch to treat family and friends back home. Megha loves Indian classical music and has performed on various platforms. In her spare time, she loves to teach underprivileged children from her hometown, thereby becoming their source of inspiration. Someone who is in the process of continuous learning, Megha is a great listener who is very calm and composed, so whenever you need someone to listen, you know whom to ping on Webex teams.