Blog Cisco Latinoamérica

Luis Carlotti

Country Leader
Central America and the Caribbean

I always believe we're going to win. You have to win in your mind first — before you can achieve anything. It's a philosophy I live by, and it serves me well. Having spent more than 18 years working in telecommunications and IT, I have extensive experience in business development and helping customers with their digital transformation through technologies like networking, data center, collaboration, cloud, cybersecurity, and more. As a Cisco leader in Central America and the Caribbean, working with the public sector and with enterprise accounts, I believe we are doing much more than delivering technology to the region. We are here to help people become better educated, to help hospitals deliver higher quality healthcare, and to help cities provide services for their citizens. Our work supports countries, serves communities, and helps individuals. This is our purpose — and there is simply no business without purpose. I'm passionate about education causes, supporting women in technology, helping others grow in their careers and connecting people who can help each other. A few years ago, my team and I began to focus on raising morale within our Costa Rica operation and making improvements to our market and brand presence. We strengthened our relationship with the government, grew our team, and closed the gaps within our ecosystem to achieve our first big milestone — in 2018, we were named one of the top three places to work in Costa Rica by Great Place to Work. The following year, we were named #1. But we didn't do the work to win an award. We made huge improvements within our operations to create a better environment for all of us to work in. And we succeeded. As a leader, it's my responsibility to bring people together under a single purpose so that we can present to our customers #oneCisco.