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The Network is Now Thousand Times more Intelligent

June 15, 2020

In today’s world, infrastructure, applications and service delivery – the three vital spokes in the digitization wheel, have to operate with clockwork precision. The new world order is forcing organizations to adopt the new normal of seamless connectivity, contextual data exchange and end to end lifecycle management. Achieving this ambitious goal places an enormous strain on the entire IT backbone of an organization. The answer lies in managing the network infrastructure effectively while eliminating silos between people, process and technologies.

User Experience is everything

Imagine a solution that is built around user experience, and one thousand people are monitoring every single aspect of network performance and spotting deficiencies in real-time.Cisco recently announced intent to acquire ThousandEyes. Headquartered in San Francisco and founded in 2010, ThousandEyes brings to the table, internet intelligence in a way nobody has experienced before.

Purpose built as a network intelligence platform, ThousandEyes focusses on user experience and network performance by gathering real-time information from various touch points along the length and breadth of the public Internet — from data centers, co-location centers, campuses, branches and on end-user devices. The platform comprehensively identifies and flags dependencies that impact service delivery, thereby enabling businesses to see, respond and enhance the users’ overall digital experience. With in-built machine learning algorithms, the solution learns-as-you-grow and becomes more intelligent with every new deployment in your network.

An end-to-end integrated view of service delivery

Together, Cisco and ThousandEyes can now provide the most comprehensive visibility into digital experience for applications and services hosted on-prem or on the cloud, to organizations of any size, located anywhere in the world.

For more than 25 years, Cisco has helped businesses across the world to strengthen their network and application performance with a suite of differentiated solutions for management, security, collaboration and infrastructure management. Our jewel in the crown is the SD-WAN, a software-powered multi-tier IP network, built on a cloud-first philosophy, across the edge, the datacentre and cloud. Additionally, our acquisition of AppDynamics redefined application performance by offering our customers, the power to manage the performance and availability of applications across cloud environments as well as inside their data centers.

With ThousandEyes coming onboard, we are able to envelop our combined offerings with the focused outcome of enhancing user experience by flagging deficiencies in their internet experience. The combination of Cisco’s expertise in network and application performance, and ThousandEyes’ visibility into the Internet will provide customers with an end-to-end view into the digital delivery of applications and services. This is invaluable in current times.

Helping organization become Digital-ready

For a market like India and the subcontinent, that has adopted the new normal earlier and more efficiently than most countries in the world, the combination of these multi domain SaaS solutions will provide the much needed impetus to our customers to accelerate their Digitization initiatives. Even for small or mid sized businesses today, customer satisfaction, and customer centricity is paramount, and irrespective of the nature of business, the ones with a customer experience centric approach will be the ones who will emerge as leading disruprs in their respective domains.

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