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Don’t let March Break divide your Office

March 7, 2017

Picture it: it’s the week before March Break and your office is dividing itself into two camps.  On one side are those with school-age children, trying to juggle their work commitments and what to do with little Bobby Jr. when he’s not in school.  On the other side are those for whom March Break means taking on an additional workload as half their colleagues are about to take a week off.  And that big project is due the first week of April.  Resentment is building and managers are wracking their brains for a solution to this annual conflict.

But this isn’t how it has to be.  March Break doesn’t have to become a battleground between colleagues simply because some need to be away from the office that week for family commitments.  What’s needed is a space to create, share and get work done, regardless of whether you are together or apart, in one easy to use app; a space that combines tools like video meetings, messaging, file-sharing, and white boarding.  Cisco Spark is this app – accessible from anywhere and from any device and protected by Cisco Security.

So the colleagues, who would otherwise have taken March Break off to chauffer their kids to various activities, despite the looming project deadline, can now work on the go – whether at home or waiting to pick up Bobby Jr from day camp at the local museum.  And with all the work done through Spark, everyone on the team can contribute as it suits their schedule and no one will miss that vital piece of information.

And Cisco Spark is not just for those on the go – the recently launched Cisco Spark Board is an on- premise device that combines wireless presentation, digital white boarding and video conferencing.  Affordable, easy to deploy and fully secure, it can be easily mounted on the wall or stay on a floor mount to be moved to multiple locations.  All that’s needed to get it up and running is an electrical outlet and an Ethernet outlet.  Cisco Spark Board is a simple and effective way to tie together those that are physically together and those working remotely for even smoother team collaboration.

Workplace collaboration tools should bring flexibility and productivity to everyone’s lives, allowing employees to find the work/life balance that suits their needs.  So when March Break rolls around next year, managers can breathe a sigh of relief as their employees determine how best to balance their work and family commitments.  Yes, some might still take that week off for time with their families.  But the difference now is they don’t have to take the time off – they are in control.

If flexibility, simplicity, and peace of mind appeal to you, check out and sign up for a 30-day free trial. 

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