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Volunteer Day at Moisson Montréal and Moisson Québec for Cisco Employees

July 7, 2014

On May 7, Moisson Montréal and Moisson Québec welcomed volunteers from Cisco. Meeting at the local offices of both organizations, 39 of our colleagues got down to the basics and carried out tasks quite different from the ones we are used to doing on a daily basis.

Cisco is a sponsor of Moisson Montréal and Moisson Québec, and as part of our support our volunteers dedicate an entire day sorting fruits, vegetables and several other perishable and non-perishable foodstuffs. They also clean the tables and the containers in which the food is stored.

Consider the participation of our General Manager in the Old Capital, Jérôme Bourgoin, along with our Vice President, Jean-Claude Ouellet. Jean-Claude was also accompanied by his daughter Anne-Sophie, who in a way symbolizes the next generation in volunteer work.

Everyone agreed that it was a long day, but a rewarding one. “By volunteering to help the neediest, you get an immense satisfaction,” declared our Sales Manager, Mario Dandurand, after finishing his “shift” at Moisson Montréal.

The fight against hunger is an important cause. Moisson Montréal and Moisson Québec’s mission is to collect foods from a large number of food and agriculture industry suppliers, and to distribute them to community centers and to people living in difficult socioeconomic circumstances.

Supporting these organizations and the cause they fight for is part of the fundamental value system of our business. Cisco’s Canadian Civil Board encourages employees to participate actively in this initiative, and to help the community as a whole. The Board is delighted with the work accomplished at Moisson Montréal and Moisson Québec last May 7.

Moreover, the day’s success has encouraged employees to participate in the Oasis Rock’N’Roll Marathon, which will take place next September in Montréal. This event was also organized to help in the fight against hunger.

As member of Cisco’s Canadian Civil Board, I want send a warm thanks to all of our volunteers.

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