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Collaboration technology and sunshine, any questions?

October 25, 2013

It’s not hard to convince anyone to visit beautiful Boca Raton, Florida and I couldn’t think of a better excuse to head down there myself than attending this year’s Cisco Collaboration Summit.

Collaboration Summit 2013 was all about consumer experience and I thought I would take to the blog to break down the major announcements for those who were unable to join us.

Cisco Delivers New Enterprise Collaboration Solutions Designed for the Modern Workspace 

It’s a bit of cliché but, tomorrow’s workplace truly is arriving today. That means more and more employees expect to be able to utilize tools, access information and communicate wherever they are, on their chosen device.

Cisco MX300 in use

The new MX300 TelePresence unit


Today, mobile workers already benefit from technology that allows them to interact and communicate in real time, despite of geographical barriers. However, that sort of high-octane collaboration doesn’t come without a price (usually time and patience), until now.  Cisco Expressway® delivers the security employers require without the accounts, registrations and passwords that employees dread.

Collaboration, Everywhere

Utilizing the security and functionality of Cisco Expressway®, Jabber Guest® takes immersive collaboration outside the organization. Interact securely with business partners, consultants or customers in high-definition video and voice via a web browser.

Video and Voice

No collaboration launch is complete without the bells and whistles. The new Cisco TelePresence MX300 room-based endpoint blends sleek modern design with the functionality TelePresence users have come to expect. Cisco’s 7800 Series IP Phones are optimized for mid-market customers but deliver enterprise-level performance and boast energy saving, cost reducing features.

Mobile and on-prem, together at last

An organizational shift in focus towards mobile working doesn’t mean the office needs to suffer. Cisco’s Intelligent Proximity allows employees to link personal mobile devices with collaboration technology on-premise, offering an added level of collaboration between employees and corporate locations. The same way that your smart phone syncs to your car, Intelligent Proximity syncs your smart phone to your office surroundings. Don’t bother asking the presenter to email you that slide deck, check your phone or tablet, it’s already there.

Collab Summit blog photo - DX650

The Cisco DX650 IP phone will sync with your mobile devices

Simple and scalable

This sort of user experience will increase efficiency and productivity, but it also means some heavy lifting for IT departments. Cisco Prime Collaboration gives the IT department a single unified management console to deploy servers, provide general management and service assurance and manage the majority of Cisco’s collaboration products.

From the browser to the boardroom

As you can tell by now, this year’s collaboration update aims to provide consumers the user experience they have crafted with their personal devices, at work. It’s about delivering simple, easy to use solutions that make work as enjoyable as possible.

Not only did you miss the glorious Florida sunshine, you missed some major collaboration updates. So I’m sure we’ll see you at Collaboration Summit 2014!

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