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Using data to make a difference: redefining data management

June 19, 2019

Thomas Boele, EMEA Systems Engineering Director for our ecosystem partner Cohesity explains why our data-filled world necessitates a new approach to data management and usage.


All about data

We live in a data-centric world. Whether it’s how you manage your money, how you connect with your friends, how you sell your products, how you find your customers – or even how you find love.

Currently across the globe, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each day and that pace is only accelerating.

Data fragmentation

But while we’re great at creating data, we’re not as smart about how we save, backup, protect and manage it. As a result, we have created a complex puzzle; mass data fragmentation. You may not have acknowledged it yet, but because of mass data fragmentation, your business is experiencing additional storage costs and complexity, increasing your risk of data protection issues, making you unable to utilise the value of the data you own.

A recent study by Vanson Bourne highlights the challenges of mass data fragmentation. In the study, 63 percent of organisations report having 4-15 copies of the same data. That’s not just illogical – it’s a business risk. Additionally, 35 percent of respondents reported using six or more different solutions to manage non-missional-critical (sometimes referred to as ‘secondary’) data, including backups, disaster recovery, file and objects, and analytics data.

That’s a lot to juggle and manage.

The solution – Cohesity and Cisco

Businesses need a new way of thinking about data centre architectures, which is where Cisco and Cohesity can add value to your business.

If you’re reading this, there’s a high chance that you’re already familiar with what Cisco can do for you – but let me explain how Cohesity can help.

Cohesity eliminates this mass data fragmentation challenge with an easy to use, web-scale, software-defined platform designed to consolidate the management of all manner of non-mission critical workloads, be they on premises or in the cloud. Regardless of how many solutions you’re using, you can fuse them all through Cohesity.

Starting with your backups, extending to disaster recovery as well as file and object storage needs, we can enable you to do more with your data from that single easy-to-use interface. Customers using Cisco and Cohesity solutions can also detect ransomware attacks before they happen, search for compliance violations before a breach occurs, and run analytics off the secondary data to extract unique insights, both by using our own analytics engine or by running apps from the Cohesity MarketPlace platform.


We share Cisco’s goal of simplifying data centres by consolidating silos and removing complexity. By integrating our Cohesity software on Cisco UCS servers, we enable our shared customers to enjoy the benefits of modern backup and recovery on their preferred server platform. This consolidates the infrastructure management systems that an enterprise must use by placing backup on the same platform used for compute. Additionally, customers running Cisco HyperFlex can benefit from a Cohesity and Cisco Validated Design, which helps put your data to work across a hyperconverged infrastructure and supports your multi-cloud ambitions.

This complete data solution is backed by a unique partnership between the two brands, which goes beyond a solutions development matter; Cisco is also an investor in Cohesity. And, as of March this year, you can now purchase Cohesity Data Platform through your existing Cisco reseller.

Transforming data management and insights

Cohesity is transforming the way enterprises backup, manage, and extract insights from their most important data. Together with Cisco, we’re helping redefine a new data solution for enterprises. Through comprehensive partnership and validated designs, modernisation is made simple.

Can you afford not to solve your mass data fragmentation challenge? Learn more about how a joint Cisco and Cohesity solution can help you – and read the Cisco Validated Design Guide.

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