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Unlock your business innovation with One Advantage – Software!

September 22, 2017

As the UK starts to negotiate Brexit, the emphasis on business innovation and creativity to continue to support an ever growing economy will continue to rise. Today every business model transformation, every market shift, is fuelled by software. Software has become the key to innovation!

Let’s take an example of your user mobility requirements. Today it serves a purpose beyond just simple connectivity. Customers expect a flawless experience irrespective of where they are or which device they use.  To stay ahead of the game, IT is expected to deliver exceptional wireless connectivity and performance for high-density environments, simplify deployments by automating based on intent, route traffic intelligently, personalise services for users based on their location, detect attacks proactively and remediate through automation. All of these outcomes are driven by analytics, automation and security – which are delivered by Cisco’s Identity Services Engine (ISE), Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX), Prime Infrastructure and DNA Advantage and Essentials.

As all this software is required together, Cisco is bundling/delivering them within a single subscription. Providing all the benefits you would expect from a subscription: access to ongoing innovation and the latest features, better together pricing, the ability to renew and scale as and when your business dictates, software refresh independent of hardware, licence portability and predictable budget planning.

This is the promise of Cisco ONE Software – an easier, valuable way of consuming infrastructure software suites. With Cisco introducing new subscription offers for infrastructure software that power the Cisco® Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA™).

Cisco ONE Advantage for wireless subscription includes:

  • DNA Advantage and DNA Essentials with features such as software-defined access and assurance for a true intent based network.
  • ISE Base and ISE Plus for a simplified access control and security compliance for wired and wireless devices.
  • AP license for enhanced security and scalability on your access points
  • Prime for a single view,  central management portal for your network
  • CMX Base for location-based services and real-time location tracking

We are very excited to introduce these new ways to consume software suites, to help you drive innovation and stay agile in this ever competitive economy. Expect more to come.

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