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The time is NOW for commercial insurance

September 1, 2016

If you’re in UKGI, your time is now. Whatever the economy does, digital disruption is here. Now is the time to protect, grow and win major accounts, from sports stadia to construction firms. They offer you the highest GWP, the widest product footprint and a feather in the cap too. So let’s put you in the picture.

Relationships still matter

Since the early days in Lloyd’s Coffee House, commercial insurance has always been a people business. Today, it still boils down to a frank conversation about risk, in complex sectors like corporate, real estate, construction, manufacturing, engineering and marine cargo.

You know the challenge. These customers have big assets and liabilities, multiple sites across borders, markets and jurisdictions. To compete for their business, you need to offer them great service and that means your most relevant experts with experience that tallies to their sector.

It takes careful use of resources: underwriters, account directors, claims handlers, risk managers etc. A delicate balance to achieve. Take on too many big accounts and it gets even harder to spread knowledge as needed. Diaries drift, time passes. The challenge remains.

But what if you could transform your major customer proposition? Not tomorrow. Now.

The move to omni-channel in financial services

Many of the UK’s leading financial services institutions already have an omni-channel approach. Some say insurance is due an upgrade but arguably that’s already happening. InsurTech is witnessing explosive growth. More and more insurance firms are beginning their next big digital transformation. They know omni-channel will give customers what they want; more of the experts, regardless of location.

omnichannel infographic

Evidence suggests it could be the key to winning, keeping and growing key insurance accounts. Mobile internet transaction was recently cited by Deloitte as one of nine digital applications set to disrupt general insurance over the next ten years. On the consumer side, research by BT and Avaya  finds that growing use of tech for financial products is coinciding with a warming of customers’ relationships with FS firms.

How to win with collaboration

Cisco Remote Expert Mobile means you can now deliver a personal and engaging face-to-face(s) experience using the best in voice, video, web, file- and screen sharing, transitioning from mobile to laptop and on-premise devices (and back) seamlessly.

With all parties available to enter and exit as needed, video conferencing from anywhere, on any device, can empower every customer interaction with decision makers, expertise and conversion to sale. Improve the customer experience, optimise the cost of delivery and ultimately, drive underwriting performance.

It puts more of your expertise securely in front of existing and prospective customers. It allows you to build your knowledge workers into a remote core. This will revolutionise your operational effectiveness, your employees’ happiness, their work-life balance and productivity.

Put it to use in sales, service and claims, some examples of which feature in this personal lines video. 

De-risk the digital channel

You’re the risk experts, so you will already know that digital disruption has the potential to overturn incumbents and reshape markets faster than perhaps any force in history. Digital disruption presents you an opportunity and, speaking to you frankly as experts on the matter, big risks too. Namely, getting it wrong or getting left behind.

Your time is now

Our solutions reduce complexity and mitigate risk so you can move your business forward while staying secure. Perhaps your alarm bells are sounding at the thought of all this live interaction and what it means for compliance. Remote Expert allows you to record as much of the conversation as you like, for an instant compliance audit trail

We build security from your network level up (our 2016 Mid-year Security Report tells you why that’s the best approach). New Tetration Analytics for example, gives you the power to see everything happening in your data centre, in real time. Protecting your network before, during and after an attack in this way not only gives your organisation a robust security foundation, it enhances your cyber insurance credibility too. Win, win, win.

Cisco is a proven market leader, trusted to connect things, people and data in intelligent and secure ways to help you make money, save money and stay out of trouble.

And when everything is securely connected, anything is possible.

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  1. Hi Mike,

    This is an interesting read. I did want to send you a note as we have developed a data analytics tool called Priority Engine based upon buying signals we are seeing across our properties including Priority Engine allows you access to all of our active contacts and accounts showing the highest propensity to buy Collaboration in the UK or across EMEA (in prioritised order). In addition we are able to offer dynamic filtering so you can filter financial services accounts with the highest propensity to buy collaboration. Please can we share a walk through of the solution with you? Thanks