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The TechDeficit: Embracing digital transformation

January 29, 2015

Colt’s Tech Deficit report points to an urgent need for an IT transformation in order for enterprise organisations across Europe to cope with challenges and exploit opportunities in the rapidly changing digital economy. This deficit is a huge challenge and I’m sure it will stimulate plenty of discussion in our sessions at this year’s Cisco Live in Milan, later this week.

IT decision makers will recognise much of the worrying findings in the report, particularly, the growing evidence that a substantial gap has developed between what businesses would like to achieve and what their IT infrastructure can support.

Problems are developing as enterprises try to strike the right balance between increasing profitability and responding to changing customer needs. Being asked to adapt to future business requirements with limited resources and static budgets is a tall order, the pressure is on and cracks are beginning to appear around infrastructure capabilities.

Key Enterprise considerations:

72% of businesses have a moderate or significant tech deficit

40% feel cost pressure is the biggest factor forcing structural change

-More than 8 in 10 businesses acknowledge they need to evolve their current technology

With one in five of IT decision makers in enterprise organisations believing their infrastructure is not ready and that there is no plan in place to support change, it is clear that difficult questions need to be raised and responded to with a plan of action.

But problems are not always a bad thing, they create urgency which leads to solutions and action. Decisive, yet well considered responses can be rewarding, especially if the competition remains hesitant and unsure of how to proceed. Examining the following trends could see enterprises navigate the tech deficit in a way that shapes their future thinking:

Enterprises accept change is a part of doing business, but tend to react when necessary rather than adopting new mind-sets and practices The tech deficit suggests the old way of doing things is starting to break down and more radical approaches will be required to meet business goals and keep customers happy.

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