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Test drive a unified computing system and put your data centre on the fast track

September 20, 2016

It was Aristotle that first coined the phrase ‘the whole is more than the sum of its parts’ to explain why single parts connected to form one thing are worth more than if they’re used in silos.

Today, Aristotle’s thinking rings true for many things – and the modern data centre in particular.

The typical enterprise has a data centre built in silos of hardware to support a range of distinct applications. This distributed environment can be static and inflexible. It also means IT staff devote a large amount of time and resources to deploy, provision, and manage individual components.

Aristotle statue located at Stageira of Greece (birthplace of the philosopher)

Aristotle statue located at Stageira of Greece (birthplace of the philosopher)

The strain is growing as data centres age while an ever broader range of applications must coexist. Whether it’s legacy, web, collaboration, or business-critical applications. Test & development sandboxes and desktop virtualisation.

There’s also emerging applications to support. Big Data and business analytics. Mobile and social media, plus back-end consumer applications to name but a few. All of which are being virtualised to save on both operating (OPEX) and capital expenditure (CAPEX).

When coupled with cloud and business transformation imperatives, many firms are finding themselves at the centre of a perfect storm.

Little wonder that predesigned computing, networking, and storage building blocks have proved so popular. Especially when they’re optimised to lower initial design cost, simplify management, and ensure scalability and high levels of performance.

Data centre design redefined

The emergence of converged infrastructure, in which the full stack of data centre technologies are combined into pre-engineered, tested, and supported systems that operate as a whole has redefined data centre design.

Much of the integration is performed by vendors who can offer all three system elements, or through a partnership of vendors. In all cases, the main aim is to make the whole greater than the sum of its parts.

We saw the value in integrated infrastructure systems when we launched the world’s first unified computing system (UCS) in 2009. It’s now one of the most reliable and proven server platforms trusted by more than 50,000 firms globally.

Indeed, UCS is such a proven technology that other vendors use it as their core building block to deliver offerings in Converged, HyperConverged and Cloud. When it comes to choosing your strategic IT vendor however, there’s nothing better than the real thing.

Refresh your thinking

If you’re currently looking to refresh your data centre estate or migrating applications, you may well be wrestling with whether or not to change server vendors. Naturally, you need to be confident that the benefits of the new solution are worth the risk.

We are a core vendor in the integrated infrastructure systems market with platforms built on top of UCS, Nexus, and UCS Director. These support a wide range of popular applications – including Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft. They also serve vertical applications, as well as desktop virtualisation, SaaS, and hybrid cloud.

With a range of integrated system designs and reference architectures, our fully assembled stacks and appliances come with applications preinstalled. They are documented as Validated Designs. And they are the result of a rigorous process that delivers the best possible performance and flexibility.

Crucially, we provide single-number solution support end to end via our Technical Assistance Centre (TAC) and partner support teams. So choosing us means you never need to deal with multiple vendors again.

The UCS portfolio spans all workload requirements and operating environments:

  • Scale out / scale up
  • Bare metal, virtualised, cloud & containers
  • Component, converged and Hyperconverged

All with common management – consistent, policy driven infrastructure. No operational or technology silos to accomplish what you need.

But don’t just take our word for it, why not give it a try?

We’re running several 2-day instructor-led workshops in locations across the UK providing hands-on technical training for UCS. We’ll give you a detailed overview of how UCS can be deployed to:

  • Increase compute density
  • Reduce cabling, power, and cooling burdens
  • Accelerate server provisioning in both virtualised and non-virtualised environments

Spaces are limited, so please register your interest here.

There’s never been a better time to re-think the way you design and deploy your data centre. So come and experience how our philosophy translates into big benefits that put your data centre and your business on the fast track.

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