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Reading Community COVID19 Face Shield Production SOPs

April 23, 2020

In order to do our bit to help make the current challenging situation better, a group from the local maker and 3D-printing community, in collaboration with local 3D-printing business Edumaker and Cisco set up a small face shield manufacturing facility at the Cisco offices at Green Park in Reading. In order to carry out this work safely we engaged with independent Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) consultants Dr Joao de Barros and Dr Richard Brydges to design, document, and approve the manufacturing procedures and processes.

These SOPs were developed to allow the production of face shields in a commercial environment in order to cope with the requirements for risk assessments, and of course to allow the production of face shields which could be offered for use by health care professionals and care workers. We are releasing these SOPs for wider use in order to allow other organisations who would like to emulate this process but don’t have the benefit of the advice from biomedical manufacturing professionals which we enjoyed when setting the project up.

Note that it is always important to be able to produce your SOPs when talking to health care professionals or other potential users, so that they are able to evaluate the process which you have followed, and can make an informed decision about whether to accept your product or not.

Disclaimer: These documents are only provided to aid other organisations in the development of similar protocols for the manufacture of Prusa face shields during the COVID-19 pandemic. These documents are edited versions of those which have been authored for use only in the Cisco Reading face shield production process. Please use these as an overview to develop your own protocol.

These documents have been developed with voluntary guidance from manufacturing professionals. They have however been developed in an extraordinarily short period of time and are not complete to a level that meets professional manufacturing standards. These documents are supplied without warranty. No liability can therefore be accepted.

SOP 001 Cleaning of Materials in the Production Unit

SOP 002 Flow of Personnel in the Manufacturing Unit

SOP 003 Flow of Materials in the Manufacturing Unit

Face Shield Box Label v1.P

Face Shield Labels RC1 v2.4.P

Face Shield Labels RC2 RC3 v2.4.P

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