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January 5, 2018

How can you defend and protect against increasingly sophisticated attacks?

In a recent interview with Computer Business Review, our public sector cyber security expert Mark Jackson addressed the changing threat landscape for government and healthcare.

The ability to download and launch malicious software means that hacking is entering the hands of the masses rather than a sophisticated activity conducted only by highly skilled experts. The types of threat are also evolving, to reflect general technological advancement. The internet of things (IoT) for example, has resulted in more connected devices, all of which are grist to the mill for attackers.

It’s vital that organisations do not underestimate the ingenuity of attackers, who are both technically and economically proficient, constantly looking for new ways monetise attacks. But at the same time, many public sector organisations are relying on aged technology that is no longer up to the task to defend against breaches.

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But while a breach is almost inevitable, it’s not all doom and gloom. Watch the video for Mark’s advice on how to minimise the likelihood of an attack and deal with breaches when they do occur.

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