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Is your university exploiting digitisation to the full?

February 23, 2016

Right now, a lot is being asked of UK universities. They are having to make substantial business efficiencies while, at the same time, seeking to deliver an excellent student experience, the best learning outcomes, and research excellence.

This requires the clearest institutional focus on brand, financial stability and academic excellence and, nowadays, technology can and must play a key role.

Cisco believes that every business should have a Digital Strategy to highlight both the opportunities and the threats presented by digital technology. Universities are no exception.

“At Cisco, we believe that any Digital Strategy must be broad and deep in scope. It should explain how a university can become an efficient digital business operating from a digital campus, and how it can fully exploit technology for teaching and learning, and for collaborative research.” 

Martin Butler, Head of UK Education and Research, Cisco. 

We have set out the reasons why every university needs a Digital Strategy, and what it should comprise, in a new Cisco white paper called ‘Digitising Higher Education’. You can download it here.

We believe the paper will help your university to establish a programme of change with a robust technology offer at its heart. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss it with you.  Please get in touch with the Cisco team at

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