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Is your organisation protected from mobile malware?

January 15, 2015

Question: SaaS and B2B apps are more likely to harbour malware than pornography sites. But how much more likely?


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As mobile devices continue to transform the way we work by boosting employee productivity and customer engagement, they also bring their own unique security threats.

While issues around data integrity, compliance and security are – or should be – key concerns for any business, mobilising the workforce brings a new host of considerations into the equation as it becomes more difficult to control how employees use company-issued devices.

It’s never been more important that businesses tackle the issue proactively by building a solid mobile strategy encompassing all parts of the organisation – one that focuses on building a seamless remote access solution and educating the workforce on the dos and don’ts when using work-issued devices and accessing businesses information remotely.                                                                                                                       .

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