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#HackersGonnaHack: Thoughts on how to protect yourself from online fraud

November 22, 2017

Last night, from the inspirational environment that is IDEALondon, we took part in an incredibly healthy debate on how security can enable the movement towards a more online transactional world, and what we need to make people aware of when it comes to online fraud.

IDEALondon, for anyone who doesn’t know, is an innovation centre and post-accelerator programme that we operate in partnership with EDF Energy and UCL Engineering. The hub is for helping high-potential technology start-ups with a minimum viable product to grow faster, stronger and further than they could alone- and we get to play witness to the huge businesses of the future.

One of which is Cybertonica, who we’ve been working very closely with for the past six months. They have an ingenious solution for the field of electronic and mobile commerce, using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Crucially however, they are embedding security into everything they do, in an effort to reduce online fraud. And they have a lot of things to say about that.

In fact I have grabbed their CEO and Co-Founder, Joshua Bower-Saul, and their Director for Partnerships and Training, Ekaterina Safonova just before their packed out #HackersGonnaHack event started and got their views on what’s going on in the online transaction industry especially around fraud and cyber criminal activities.  They also offered some very valuable advice on how you can better protect your personal information and data online.

Watch the full interview here:

We’re here at our innovation centre IDEALondon ahead of the bi…

We’re here at our innovation centre IDEALondon ahead of the big #HackersGonnaHack event talking about the real challenges of cybersecurity in banking, fintech and transaction environments!

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