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Does your local authority have a digital strategy?

December 15, 2015

Right now, a lot is being asked of local authorities. They continue to make substantial business efficiencies while, at the same time, having to take on new challenges such as driving economic prosperity and integrating health and care.

And this week’s spending review does not make the task any easier. Further profound change will certainly be required.

But, nowadays, technology can and must play a key role. Cisco believes that every organization must have a Digital Strategy in order to highlight the opportunities, and the threats, presented by digital technology. And local authorities are no exception. Only a robust programme of cultural and process change, with technology at its heart, will allow local authorities to present balanced budgets and face new challenges.

“At Cisco, we believe that any digital strategy adopted by a local authority must be broader in scope than the GDS.  It should explain how a local authority can become a digital authority, how it should exploit digital technology across all citizen and business engagement channels, and how that same technology can transform towns, cities and regions into digital communities.”  Edward Powell, Head of Local Government, Cisco.

We have set out the reasons why every local authority needs a Digital Strategy, and what it should comprise, in a new Cisco white paper called ‘Digitising Local Government’. You can download the paper from:

We believe the white paper will help you and your authority to establish that robust programme of change with technology at its heart. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss it with you.  Please get in touch with the team at

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