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Disruption in Dublin

November 17, 2015

I know an Irish start-up that has 120 employees and doesn’t own a single piece of technology. Everything is delivered to them as a Cloud service, providing real-time analytics that means they can adapt to market changes and more importantly, customer needs real-time.

Every week I am meeting Enterprise customers moving to a Cloud first strategy and they are looking to Cisco to help them in this Hybrid Cloud environment, whether they are delivering workloads in the Public Cloud and/or in their own Private Cloud, be that delivered internally or built and managed by the likes of Cisco and our Cisco Powered Partner’s. Whilst spinning out instances to be delivered to them as a Service: such as Office 365, WebEx conferencing, Meraki wireless, OpenDNS Security, or their entire collaboration platform, where Cisco are seeing significant success.

If I were to ask you how many cloud instances you have, would you be able to answer? I had a customer last week that couldn’t think of more than a handful of cloud providers in the market, yet found that they had 834 cloud instances in their medium sized organisation when they conducted a Cloud Consumption Survey. This was no surprise to Cisco as we always see in excess of 15 x more instances that the customer expects with our Cloud Consumption Tool

But it doesn’t stop there, Hybrid Cloud is quickly evolving to Hybrid IT; the 50B things that are predicted to be connected by 2020 are producing an explosion of data at the edge. Often, the data that they produce has a short shelf life. It therefore doesn’t even touch the DC , but is pushed out to the Mobile, the primary access for this information.

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