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Digital skills in healthcare: HSE’s exciting collaboration with Cisco Networking Academy

December 9, 2020

The year 2020 has proven beyond any doubt the value of digitalisation in healthcare.

We’ve seen professionals do incredible things with technology – whether it’s connecting hospitalised patients with their loved ones over WebEx at University Hospital Galway, or using video devices to provide exceptional care at a distance.

Digitalisation can not only help hospitals to remain resilient in times of crisis; it will enable health services to improve efficiency, support patient experience and make use of the latest innovations to deliver great care.

At the Health Service Executive (HSE), making greater use of technology is core to the organisation’s future. And of course, that includes ensuring that staff are comfortable and confident using digital tools.

With that in mind, I’m thrilled to announce HSE is collaborating with Cisco and its Networking Academy to help over 120,000 HSE employees to advance their digital skills.

Boosting digital skills for everyone

HSE offers a Digital Academy for its employees, delivering courses to support the new technology being introduced. From today, this will include six courses from Networking Academy, available for all employees.

Of particular importance are An Introduction to Cybersecurity and Cyber Security Essentials, which will help employees understand how to keep their organisation safe. This is particularly important given the rise of cyberattacks in 2020; 37% of organisations in Europe have seen the number of attacks increase by over a quarter.

With cybersecurity training, HSE employees can avoid falling victim to hackers – and keep focusing on delivering the care that matters.

Other courses include Networking Essentials, Entrepreneurship, Programming Essentials in Python, and an Introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT). This will familiarise employees with the connected devices already transforming healthcare workplaces and explain the opportunities for the future.

With Networking Academy, HSE can continue on its digital journey – and ensure that everyone can gain the benefits of technology, while keeping their organisations safe.

Supporting the future of healthcare

Our relationship is another great example of how Networking Academy is supporting employees in healthcare – and a whole range of sectors – to learn more about the technologies shaping the future.

Our courses are freely available to everyone. But by working with organisations like HSE, we can create customised courses designed specifically for employees’ needs.

Employees throughout HSE will gain the digital skills they need for the future. And as a whole, HSE will be ready to take even greater advantage of technology in the years ahead, to continue with its mission to provide exceptional care.

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