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Best of the blog – April

May 1, 2015

April? Felt more like summer at points! Spring has sprung on the blog as well and we’ve been nourishing it with fresh content. So, just in case you were outside enjoying the balmy weather check out my April blog highlights below to see what you missed.

Human to Human Marketing

Jeremy Bevan, Vice President of Cisco’s Marketing organization in EMEA, gave us tremendous insight into the ever evolving world of marketing. From how social has changed the world to what’s to come, check out his blog to get clued up on the trends you need to know. Here’s a clue: Dog photos and holiday snaps are so last season.

Fog Computing, connecting the IoE to the Cloud

Enda Cahill got us cleared up on fog computing this month, and the technical architecture that needs to be in place to provide the necessary infrastructure.  For those interested in the Internet of Everything, fog computing is just one of the vital technologies that help bring it to life.

This week in Mobility-24th April 2015

Graham Franklin, our mobility maven, was keeping us updated on all things mobile this month. His classic news roundup gets you the details you need to know. This roundup was a standout, covering off everything from self-healing plastic to Elephones(!?). Don’t know what they are? Read his blog and find out!

Cisco Partner Hot Seat: Richard McLoughlin, Nowcomm

We launched some fantastic fresh content this month, and first up was our Partner Hot Seat. We dug down into the detail with one of our partners Richard McLoughlin, Managing Director of Nowcomm. Check it out for some Paxman-esque interviewing to find out what makes Richard tick.

Conspicuously absent; why is technology so low on the UK political agenda?

Tech has been riding high on the news agenda recently, but in this terrific blog post our very own CEO Phil Smith questioned why it has been allowed to slip off the political agenda. If we’re going to take advantage of the most exciting opportunities we need to make it a central focus. Check out his post for industry-leading insight into the topic.



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