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David Spindola

DevOps Enthusiast
Customer Experience (CX) EMEAR

David Spindola is a Software Architecture Escalation for Cisco who moved from Mexico to Lisbon with a new challenge in mind, which is, to bring people into the world of innovation and programmability.

Mexican food is his favorite, specially tacos, and he's passionate about video games.

He's a dedicated advocate for DevOps with a 10+ year career and trains engineers around the globe in Python and automation.

When he's not in the office, he's in chalk talks with universities or speaking in webinars. David values to share knowledge and contributes with the creation and publication of technical documents.

He firmly believes that information should be easy to consume for newcomers.

The key reason why he's part of the Cisco family is due to the support that Cisco provides to have a healthy work/life balance.