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My First Cisco Live with RADKit

14 March 2024

Bridging the Gap: Embracing Face-to-Face Customer Interaction

In the digital realm of customer relations, where Webex meetings with video enabled are the closest we can be in interacting with customers and understanding them, the act of face-to-face interaction holds unparalleled potential. Recently, I embarked on a transformative journey that not only expanded my professional horizons but also reshaped my understanding of customer engagement.

For the past four years, my role primarily revolved around providing remote technical support to customers. While this approach facilitated efficient communication and connected me to customers from different places, it allowed me to proudly state that I assisted people from almost every continent, it lacked the depth and connection in direct, in-person interactions. However, all that changed with my latest adventure – Cisco Live – our premier tech event dedicated to meeting customers, partners and my lovely colleagues in person, immersing myself in their world, and presenting our product firsthand.

As we stepped into the hall on Sunday, anticipation hung in the air. Our team had prepared to ensure our booth and demos were ready for the event. It was a moment of preparation, of warming up to the excitement that lay ahead. I couldn’t help but feel the positive vibes, energizing us all.

Amidst this buzz, I shared a thought with one of my colleagues, remarking, “This hall is so big, and I feel so small.” To which, he laughed and replied, “Wait until it is full of people.” Little did I know then that soon on Wednesday morning, I would be standing in the midst of that venue when it is full of people from all over the world, presenting RADKit and delivering a lightning talk.

As the time approached for my presentation, I felt a surge of confidence. The hall, once super vast, now seemed like the perfect place for me to showcase RADKit’s capabilities. I was thrilled to share its power with everyone in attendance.

Stepping onto the stage, I felt a sense of empowerment. Despite the size of the venue, I knew my voice could fill every corner, capturing the attention of all those present, witnessing how impressed the audience were with RADKit. My colleague Tristan Van Egroo who is a Cisco Customer Delivery Engineering Technical Leader was there to take my photos and support me. Anna Barker, Cisco Director, Customer Delivery was also there giving me a wide smile and a lot of encouragement that fueled me. I felt so empowered as a woman in Tech.

In the end, the experience was not just about presenting a product; it was also about encouraging the audience to act and follow me to the booth to learn more and get a 1-1 demo to encourage them to try RADKit themselves.

RADKit is one of the best products that I worked on in my entire career, it is a transformative experience in technical support from netops to devops, enabling automation as well as secure fully remote technical support experience, overcoming long Webex hours as well as having to troubleshoot a vast network one device at a time.

Being there at Cisco Live EMEA, I also met my colleagues Dirk Boghe, Cisco Leader, Customer Experience Customer Success Specialist as well as Estella Ossei, Customer Experience Customer Success Specialist in CX Cloud booth, who I have been working closely with (Hint: I do support both CX Cloud and RADKit) and I had the chance to help them as well with some technical questions from our customers and partners.

As we continue to innovate and grow, moments like these serve as milestones, marking our journey towards greater success and impact. And with transformative TAC innovations leading the way, I am confident that our future holds even more remarkable opportunities for growth and achievement.

We are impatiently waiting for all of you to request a 1-1 demo session and learn more about RADKit as well as give us suggestions! You can visit to learn more and install RADKit.

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