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Building connections is my superpower

5 March 2024

Cisco Poland Superheroes is a series of brief interviews highlighting remarkable talents of Cisco Poland employees, or what we fondly refer to as their “superpowers”. These superpowers encompass the extraordinary endeavors they pursue beyond their everyday roles at Cisco, illustrating how they embody our Purpose to “Power an Inclusive Future for All.” Our first Superhero featured in the series is Justyna Słowik, a Learning & Development Specialist at our Krakow office. Read her story and learn more about her superpowers!

Justyna Słowik

Anna Comber: What is your superpower?
Justyna Słowik: I’ve got this mind-reading superpower that makes everything a breeze for me. Okay, okay, jokes aside! My real superpower? It’s all about people, those in my work environment and on the private side. No matter what I do, I’m always surrounded by an incredible set of diverse individuals, all eager to back my ideas. From showcasing Cisco’s Krakow diversity on Cisco International Day, to rocking it at our Cisco Employee Resource Organization Fair and organizing epic educational events for children. It’s about diving into empathy, active listening skills to connect with others, and, naturally, confronting challenges with a no-nonsense problem-solving approach.

How did it start ?
I’ve always felt an inner drive pushing me to create, to make a difference. Through the bumps and turns of this ride I’ve got a squad of real-life angels cheering me on, whispering in my ear that I’m unstoppable! These angels don’t wear halos but take the form of mentors, leaders, and colleagues.

Cisco Kraków International Day

How are you using your superpowers in your daily life?
I believe that deep within each of us, there are extraordinary abilities waiting to be unleashed.For me, these superpowers are an integral part of who I am. It all begins with giving my absolute best in every endeavor. Whether it’s tackling work projects, engaging with friends, or just navigating daily life, I approach it with an intention to achieve the best possible outcome.

How can one be a Superhero today? How can we all contribute?
Becoming a superhero today doesn’t require a cape or superhuman strength, it’s about recognizing the power you hold in your daily actions and using that power to make a positive difference in the lives of others and the world around you. Embrace kindness, offer support, and let your words and deeds contribute to a positive atmosphere. Then, when you gaze into the mirror in the morning, witness the superhero within, grinning back at you!

Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit


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