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Intuition will achieve a more human future – Day 4 Cisco Live Cancun 2018

7 December 2018

Common sense, human relations, talent, innovation and the criteria to judge is what will give us work in the future. Dr. Michio Kaku, our Keynote Sepaker of today, affirms that the merge between humans and robots will not take place in approximately 100 years, augmented reality and the nano and bio technologies are already part of our day to day, and from it new economic forms are created, which will determine the industries and the jobs of the future.

Today, surpassing the 6,000 attendees at Cisco Live Cancun 2018, Cisco reaffirms its commitment to digital transformation and being the bridge between dreams and reality. Through countless conferences, technical sessions, certifications, self-learning labs and instructor-led labs, as well as DevNet Zone and World of Solutions areas, Cisco Live has achieved its goal of transmitting expert knowledge and providing the necessary tools to build the intuitive future that we imagine.


This is how we closed this great event:

Within the framework of IT Management, where leaders explore new possibilities and ways to guide their organizations, they talked about the relationship between machines and humans, the new leadership models facing the technology industry based on globalization and customer orientation, the success of CEOs and the end of paradigms.

The participation of the SVP and CTO of Constellation Brands, Ricardo Bartra, started a fresh environment, where with a beer in hand he explained that great changes well led are translated into successes, while Cisco VP Joseph Bradley captured the public explaining the differences between intelligent and human machines: wisdom and the ability to question oneself further. Speaking of Hollywood celebrities and CEOs, Katty Coulson and Maria Medrano presented their ideas on characteristics of successful people. Then, Clara Kluk, during the last session of IT Management expanded the horizons of the public affirming that the only paradigm is that paradigms no longer exist.

Cisco Empowered Women’s Network is a network of Cisco customers, partners and employees that join forces to change the perspective of women within the IT world. This event has achieved new definitions of leadership, innovation, success, inspiration and empowerment in both women and men in the IT industry, all thanks to the inclusion and diversity that the world and the industry require and demand to be competitive and relevant.

Today we had the participation of 4 women leaders who spoke about their challenges and satisfactions in the paths they have traveled. Brenda Dennis, explored the different talents, the way to find and empower them, the challenges that exist today and the talents of the future and their expectations, accompanied by Michelle Chiantera and Kate O’Keeffe, who spoke about the key to innovate in their professional careers and how to make their own prototypes. It was also attended by Mary Elizabeth McCulloch, who at her young age is already a leader in the Vive Project, helping women to excel in their work life either through entrepreneurship or through employment.

Closing with a flourish, Dr. Michio Kaku’s Keynote left the audience surprised. The Doctor, who is in search of finishing the works of Einstein, and constantly analyzes the future through science, and the networks that connect the world exposed his ideas in this great forum. Their theories confirm that society benefits every day more with technological advances, although at the same time greater challenges are presented, among them changes in educational and economic models. To find the balance between the human and the artificial intelligence, one must understand what are the tasks and jobs that require common sense and talent, and which are repetitive works that will soon cease to exist. Within the classrooms, teachers who become mentors and guides will be the leaders of education, since today the forms of teaching as memorization no longer have a place. The fusion between humans and robots will one day give way to super humans, although for that we will have to wait until the 22nd century. In summary, their ideas were of great interest to the public, who ended the event applauding the Doctor.

Every year, Cisco Live Cancun is a great space where Cisco customers, partners and employees are related, this was no exception, and as a farewell and thanks to all the participants there was a great celebration where Juanes, the renowned Colombian artist was the star of the Cisco Live Party!

The combination between relationship and learning that occurred at Cisco Live Cancun 2018 was definitively the success and what will give rise to the intuitive future with which many dream, will work to create and make a reality together.

Thanks and see you at Cisco Live 2019!

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