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The third day of activities at Cisco Live: Among races and graffiti, a refreshing day for heroes

9 November 2017

This Wednesday, activities started pretty early in the morning: more than 500 people met at 6:00 a.m. to run five kilometers in the Cisco Live race, at the crack of dawn. The winners surprised us with their perfect times; it seems they are not just technology heroes. Erik Carmona was the winner in the male category, with 21 minutes and 3 seconds, whiles the winner in the female category, Laura Diaz, with 24 minutes and 1 second. Congratulations!

The IT Management program addressed very interesting topics for those who look to take their organizations to the IT Infrastructure 2020, a smarter infrastructure based on a global cloud strategy.

One of the most interesting presentations focused on the promotion of an agile development culture, where the case of Meraki was analyzed. Meraki works under the VPM (minimum viable product) approach, where product and service development really starts after their release, when adjustments can be done based on the customers’ feedback.

Meanwhile, Aeropuertos de Argentina presented a very interesting use case where the monitoring capacity and extraction of analytics from their wireless network infrastructure have been leveraged to optimize operating efficiency and security within the airport.

The security conference made a very interesting analogy: just like a good break system creates confidence to drive a car faster, having security solutions that create confidence is paramount, so IT leaders react faster and can accelerate their race to digitization.

This year, Cisco Live also featured a program for marketing professionals, in a turning point where they start to be more relevant for decision making in their organizations. In the Marketing Velocity, Pam Didner talked about the techniques to create content relevant for customers, no matter their nationality and culture. Other topics included how technology has transformed the way to reach and attract customers, leading to an experience-based marketing.

Cisco also shared its own transformation experience toward a 100% customer-centric marketing –automated, omnichannel, and supported by tools to extract real-time metrics to adjust initiatives to the market dynamics.

And regarding experiences, the closing of the third day of Cisco Life was very impacting and inspiring. Erik Wahl is a graffiti artist, speaker and businessman, who has positioned creativity, disruption, and risk as the only alternatives organizations have to be competitive and successful.

According to Wahl, fear is false evidence that seems real, and makes people to make decisions based on what is safe and proved, instead of using their whole potential to dream, create and dare doing things in a different way.

While making graffiti of Lennon, Jobs and Einstein, Wahl encouraged IT professionals to be dreamers, and dare to “imagine big”, propose ideas and differentiated solutions that keep transforming people’s lives and help addressing the major challenges for mankind.

Tomorrow, the last day of Cisco Live 2017, we will have a great array of technical sessions. If you have not stopped by a Spark Board when walking through the halls, my recommendation is to visit one tomorrow. See it, touch it, use it; it’s not magic, it’s collaboration taken to its highest extent by Cisco.

The Cisco Empowered Women’s Network will be held in the afternoon –a leadership and inspiration event for women who have decided to make a career in this great technology industry.

See you there!

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