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The second day of activities at Cisco Live: Superheroes show their human side

8 November 2017

In the second day of Cisco Live, the Rise Against Hunger program was announced; the goal of this program is to pack and deliver 50,000 meals for people who live in extreme poverty in Belize. If you haven’t done it yet, find some free time and join this worthy cause and help us to pack the food.

This Tuesday attention was focused on the Vertical Summits, where a number of stakeholders of verticals like government, education, finance services, and industry, met to address the key challenges and opportunities the digital transformation is offering to their sectors.

Important government officials participated in the Public Sector Summit. The President of the Judicial Branch of the State of Mexico described how Cisco’s collaboration solutions have led this institution to be at the forefront of oral trials. On the other hand, the Mayor of the Municipality of Tlajomulco addressed the digital transformation of this town in pursuit of a sustainable development. In the Cibersecurity panel, the participants expressed their concern about the vulnerability to cyberattacks, and discussed the government’s strategies to tackle this situation.

Meanwhile in the Financial Services Summit, Cisco presented its vision on the disruption the digital transformation has posed for the finance service organizations. Three strategic partners participated: Deloitte, IBM, and VU Security, which presented their authentication, cybersecurity, and cognitive banking solutions. The closing of the Summit included a panel where the Banco Popular de Colombia and BBVA shared with the audience the key challenges they have had to face in this new digital era, and how technology has become their main ally.

More than 150 public and private universities met at the Higher Education Summit to talk about the impact and challenges of the digital transformation in education. Maria Teresa Gomez, Vice Rector, University of the Andes in Colombia, talked about her experience working with Cisco Spark, and the benefits of having this comprehensive collaboration platform that enables virtual classrooms, messaging, shared contents, and more, and how easy is for teachers to adopt it. Meanwhile, the CTO of the Universidade Positivo de Brasil explained why technology for big universities –this university has around 1 million students- is the best choice for reducing operating costs but not at the expense of student service quality.

Attendees to the Industry Summit could not believe how the impressive Cisco KINETIC platform worked; this is the first integrated IoT platform designed to leverage the power of data from millions of devices connected. They witnessed how KINETIC could accelerate their IoT initiatives from proof of concept to a reality, leveraging the use of the network, extracting the value of terabytes of information available, and with measurable results in the medium term.

Andres Gil, Sales Director of GPS Solutions, Latin America, led the forum for service providers. Highly relevant issues were discussed at the Service Transformation Forum, including how the evolution of mobile and virtualization pave the way to 5G and WN services that will allow service providers to capitalize on opportunities the digital era offers in order to transform the business, the customer experience and the architecture.

In the afternoon, the IT Management program started, headed by Guillermo Diaz, CIO, Cisco, who made a clear statement at the beginning of the session: “All is about results.” The evolution of the role of IT is laying the foundations for organizations to be able to provide customers with differentiated services in the future, creating a culture of empowered contributors at the same time, with clear and measurable objectives.

To close the evening, the keynote by Michael Koons, Global SVP, Engineering, focused on how Cisco is simplifying the digital transformation process for customers thanks to automation, which offers organizations the possibility to get results with the least effort.

This Wednesday, Cisco Live activities will begin very early in the morning, with the traditional 5K Race. The technical sessions will address different architectures. In the afternoon, Eric Wahl, graffiti artist and businessman –considered the Picasso of productivity- will close the activities of the day.

See you there!

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